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Sherlock’s Homecoming: Fanart from Frustration

Sherlock's Homecoming: Fanart from Frustration

The past few days haven’t gone how I would have liked them to. The jobs I applied for over the summer aren’t available anymore, so I gather. The guy I like hasn’t texted me yet. My mind doesn’t stay happy for very long periods of time and brings up not happy memories. I didn’t do as well as I liked to have done on my math exam. I have just been depressed lately.

So, drawing helps. I have always loved to draw, and even in middle school I considered becoming a professional artist. I always battled with myself about what I wanted to do when I grew up, if I ever did, and I always wanted to make a career out of one of my hobbies. I was convinced that art would be my career, but now I know that isn’t going to happen. Granted, you can’t do much more with a psychology major than an art major, so some say, but I know that I’m in the right field now.

But I digress. Drawing calms my mind by shifting into “right brain” and helps me get out of reality for just a sliver of peaceful time. Since I am obsessed with BBC Sherlock, I figured some SH fan art would make me feel even better, and it actually did for a while.

If you haven’t seen Sherlock, I highly recommend it. If you are looking for a modern murder mystery filled with beautiful cinematography, terrific actors, and thought-provoking plot lines, Sherlock is where you need to be. However, be prepared to give your whole heart away even though you know doing so will damage it beyond repair.

If anyone would like to give me any ideas, that would be much appreciated. I do not claim to be the greatest artist in the world, but I do promise to give it my best shot.

Thank you bunches for reading 🙂

*BBC Sherlock does not belong to me, just the drawing . I would be in my dream windowsill seat inside an ivy-covered cottage in Ireland making some dough if that were the case.

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