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Dogs- The Sequel to Cats

Previously, I made a post about my current beloved cats. Everything in that post is true, but it makes me come off as an all-cat kind of person. This is very much not the case.

I’ve loved cats longer than I have loved dogs, but I love them equally, just for different reasons.

Cats can be playful and cuddly, but oftentimes that is a dog’s job. In general they are very loyal, sweet, affectionate, and very playful.

However, I have had a somewhat disturbing past with dogs. When I was younger, about ten years old, my biological raised and bred pit bulls. He has some hoarder tendencies since he was adding all the dogs to all the cats and all the snakes. I’ll never understand that man. Regardless, the dogs were very sweet and loving, but as you know, the males can be very territorial. The first killing occurred one day when I was at school. The bus dropped me off, and I walked up my gravel driveway to my porch, as usual. I noticed blood spots here and there on the steps and the wood of the porch. I went inside, and my father informed me one male had broken out of his kennel and killed another. A few weeks later, a male and female killed the female’s sister fighting over food. My mother tried to break up the fight, but it was too late.

Of the many pit bulls we owned, only two are surviving today.

Now that the sad story is out of the way, let me make it up to you by telling you about my two lazy yet loving dogs.

Blackberry Pics 581

The first dog is one of the two surviving pit bulls. His name is Boscoe, and he believes he is a lap dog who has to be touched constantly. We received him as a 6-month old puppy, and he is now an old man, gray-face and all. He was always the favorite of my mum’s during my childhood. When we moved to our current house in Tuscumbia, most of my animals were either deceased or thrown out by my biological father. We only saved two cats, my favorite of the two later ran away, and Boscoe. Now that she didn’t have a million other animals to feed, she could actually take good care of Boscoe and even train him to behave. He can sit, stay, and roll over. As he’s gotten older and my stepdad has spoiled him, Boscoe’s patience for treats has diminished. Overall, he is a terrific dog. He sets the perfect example to what pit bulls and other dog breeds could be if they are taken care of and properly trained.

Blackberry Pics 335

Lastly, we have Duncan, our Yorkie/Schnauzer mix. He is only a few years old. His story is an odd one, actually. He came from the mom of one of my best friends. We did not intend to keep him when she and my friend Hillary brought him over to our house. His original name was Zeus, but that did not suit him at all. He is very timid unless you’re knocking on the other side of a door; then, he barks and barks until you come in and greet him. He is only comfortable when he is smothered in pillows, as you can see to the right. No one did that to him as a joke, he digs under the pillows on the couch until he is completely or partially hidden. We kept Duncan with the intention of having a playmate dog for Boscoe. Since he loves pillow smothering, he and Boscoe are couch potatoes more so than ever. Every now and then, though, Duncan will get in these moods of running back and forth from the kitchen through the dining room to the living room where we all just sit and watch him go.

I shall leave you with the moral of this story: do NOT, under any circumstances, own more animals than you can care for.

They suffer needlessly because we find them “cute” and feel we need all of them.

You don’t.

Also, don’t fight dogs. Don’t train dogs to be mean. Don’t treat them like toys that you can just throw around.

Keep your animals happy and behaved. Spay and neuter them, too, if you can.

*all photos taken by my mum

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