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Poetry- “Away from Home”

SignaturePoetry and I have always had an interesting relationship. I cannot make a poem out of nothing, or else it sounds dreadful and choppy. However, poetry has to strike me first. When poetry does strike, it consumes my entire being until I put whatever it asks of me onto paper. I know only what influences my works, but I know not of when and where it comes from.

I began writing poetry when I was about eleven years old. A quote from the wonderful Rubeus Hagrid (from Harry Potter, of course)describes that period in my life perfectly, “they were dark times,…dark times.” Everything was dark back then, my parent’s marriage, my real dad’s sense of humor, my clothing, my hair, and even my personality.

Thank God I’ve blocked most of it out. But I digress.

I was especially fond of a certain Edgar Allan Poe who talked of lost loves and Gothic castle ruins in his poetry and stories. I was quite smitten with the man, and still am today for literary purposes.

I never went through losing multiple loved ones to tuberculosis as Poe did, but you could not convince angsty, pre-teen Ashlynn that her life was not so equally melancholy. So, poetry became another outlet for me alongside drawing and singing. I mostly wrote of lost loves, triumphing over abusive loves, and wanting to have my own love of my life.

Not much has changed, poetry-wise. I still write of winning over abuse and lost loves, but I do feel my style will only improve as I continue to be spontaneously visited by the muse of poetry, whoever he or she may be.

A poem I would like to share with you now is titled “Away from Home.” I wrote it a few years ago as my biological father drove my sister and me to his hellhole of a house. I have always been dramatic, and my desire to return safely home isn’t as drastic as it is portrayed in the poem. Here goes.

“Away from Home”

I’m trying to reach home

I don’t know where to turn

I just run and run

This passion to be home burns

I’m trying so hard to reach you

You’re so far away

End this nightmare

I’ve done all I can today

How much farther must I go?

(Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis)

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