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Here are the quotes I used for the frame showed in my last post. You can use them if you want to, I made the photos with Photoshop and their size is 4×6.



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The Absolute Best Concert of My Life Up To This Point

I recently had one of the greatest weekends of my life so far. It was a terrific mini-vacation to make up for my recent random depression and stress surplus.

My mother bought tickets for a Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco concert in Atlanta, GA this past summer for my younger sister’s birthday. The concert was set at the end of September, and somehow my sister found the patience for that to be her birthday gift. The universe works in strange and mysterious ways.

Anyway, my mother called me last Thursday night and asked if I wanted to go to the concert with my sister. My mother is an English teacher, and oddly enough, hates grading papers. So, God love her, Mum suggested that she take us there, wait and grade papers in the car, then take us back to stay at a hotel and come back home Sunday afternoon. How, as a huge fan of both bands since early teenagerdom, could I refuse?


The Golden Ticket


So I didn’t.

It actually turned into a family trip with my dad holding down the fort in our hotel room.

We left home Saturday morning, around 9 am, and headed toward Atlanta. We arrived to our hotel around 3 pm and rested for a few hours before the concert.

The time had finally come. The concert was a 20-minute drive from our hotel, but that just gave us more time to collect the exciting butterflies in out tummies.


Panic’s opening banner

It was a rather high-quality, beautiful venue. It was amphitheater-shaped with seating arrangements in the back and a region of people standing in front of the stage, as protocol demands. The opening band was surprisingly decent as well, so this only heightened my sister’s and my anticipation for a wonderful evening of terrific music we both enjoy.

We would not be disappointed in the very slightest.


Panic! beginning to ensue

I would post videos but won’t because the sound on my phone was not high quality (of course), I couldn’t stand still (another given), so photos will have to be a suitable substitute.

I also need to mention an odd association that I enjoy. I only enjoy the combined smell of alcohol, body odor, and cigarettes when I go to a concert. This smell is so unique in my repertoire of smells that it somehow ranks on up with favorites such as blueberry muffin candles and strawberries & cream shampoo. Psychology is such an interesting little thing, isn’t it?

I would have actually enjoyed a solely Panic! At The Disco concert more, but I do love Fall Out Boy as well. They are both such widely popular bands and do great concerts, but I understand their great friendship and wanting to promote music, be it a short set or not.

After much screaming/trying to sing along to just about every Panic! song, their set came to a close, the excitement in the air only building in anticipation for the final event: Fall Out Boy.


FOB coming alive

Fall Out Boy has been one of my favorite bands since I was about 12. I know more than a few of their songs. My sister runs everything she loves into the ground (don’t notice my Sherlock obsession at this point), so she knew all the new songs they played since she got their new album a few months ago.

It was a terrific experience for my sister’s first real concert, and I’m happy to be the one who witnessed it. We also saw many, many individuals with Doctor Who and other mutually-enjoyed band shirts among the crowd. I made the comment to my sister that these are our people when they leave their homes.


FOB saying goodnight

After FOB had their stupendous finale, my sister and I walked back to our car to tell our mum how terrific of a night we had. It truly was a wonderful thing for my sister and I to have bonded over, and I shall never forget it.

*all photos were taken by me, all the band logos belong to their rightful owners

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The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug [Main trailer]

Benedict’s dragon voice…~screams and jumps out a window~

One less lonely blog.

If you don’t know it yet, I am a huge fan of the Tolkien world.
I woke up very early today to watch the Today Show, to see Orlando Bloom and Ian McKellen and the new The Hobbit movie trailer. I regret nothing. This movie is going to be epic!

Sorry, but I have to fangirl about this.

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The Scale of the Universe 2

The planets, a blip in our universe

The Scale of the Universe 2

Okay. We all know I’m a nerd.

I love learning. I love learning random things about everything. Examples include Greek mythology, art, music, comic book characters, stars and planets, Disney trivia, and cat breeds.

Somehow, all of that defined my life right there.

Anyways, a year ago, my stupendous Algebra II and Pre-Calculus teacher came across this website and sent a link of it to my mother who works at the same high school. My mother and I viewed this website together, and we were soon quite awe-struck.

This website is called The Scale of the Universe. You use your scroll bar and mouse to click through the varying objects like animals and planets. It starts out with the smallest of objects like atoms and molecules, and it ends with beautiful solar systems and nebulas so you can fully grasp the concept of how massive our universe is. The website tells measurements like meters and nanometers of said objects to understand how small or gigantic things really are. To top it all off, you can click on each object to learn a bit more about it. For example, did you know that a sunflower is actually a flower head made up of thousands of smaller flowers? Crazy, right? 😀

This website is absolutely incredible, and it is full of interesting, weird facts about so many different things. It shows just how small we truly are despite how self-centered we become as the only known planet of life.

We just get so wrapped up in the little things, like a paper due tomorrow or studying until you can’t properly function anymore. Those things are important, but we forget to think outside of ourselves more often than we’d like to admit.

This incredible Scale of the Universe helps us see outside of ourselves, even for just a little while.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

*photo does not belong to me by any means

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Sherlock’s Homecoming: Fanart from Frustration

Sherlock's Homecoming: Fanart from Frustration

The past few days haven’t gone how I would have liked them to. The jobs I applied for over the summer aren’t available anymore, so I gather. The guy I like hasn’t texted me yet. My mind doesn’t stay happy for very long periods of time and brings up not happy memories. I didn’t do as well as I liked to have done on my math exam. I have just been depressed lately.

So, drawing helps. I have always loved to draw, and even in middle school I considered becoming a professional artist. I always battled with myself about what I wanted to do when I grew up, if I ever did, and I always wanted to make a career out of one of my hobbies. I was convinced that art would be my career, but now I know that isn’t going to happen. Granted, you can’t do much more with a psychology major than an art major, so some say, but I know that I’m in the right field now.

But I digress. Drawing calms my mind by shifting into “right brain” and helps me get out of reality for just a sliver of peaceful time. Since I am obsessed with BBC Sherlock, I figured some SH fan art would make me feel even better, and it actually did for a while.

If you haven’t seen Sherlock, I highly recommend it. If you are looking for a modern murder mystery filled with beautiful cinematography, terrific actors, and thought-provoking plot lines, Sherlock is where you need to be. However, be prepared to give your whole heart away even though you know doing so will damage it beyond repair.

If anyone would like to give me any ideas, that would be much appreciated. I do not claim to be the greatest artist in the world, but I do promise to give it my best shot.

Thank you bunches for reading 🙂

*BBC Sherlock does not belong to me, just the drawing . I would be in my dream windowsill seat inside an ivy-covered cottage in Ireland making some dough if that were the case.

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