The Scale of the Universe 2

The planets, a blip in our universe

The Scale of the Universe 2

Okay. We all know I’m a nerd.

I love learning. I love learning random things about everything. Examples include Greek mythology, art, music, comic book characters, stars and planets, Disney trivia, and cat breeds.

Somehow, all of that defined my life right there.

Anyways, a year ago, my stupendous Algebra II and Pre-Calculus teacher came across this website and sent a link of it to my mother who works at the same high school. My mother and I viewed this website together, and we were soon quite awe-struck.

This website is called The Scale of the Universe. You use your scroll bar and mouse to click through the varying objects like animals and planets. It starts out with the smallest of objects like atoms and molecules, and it ends with beautiful solar systems and nebulas so you can fully grasp the concept of how massive our universe is. The website tells measurements like meters and nanometers of said objects to understand how small or gigantic things really are. To top it all off, you can click on each object to learn a bit more about it. For example, did you know that a sunflower is actually a flower head made up of thousands of smaller flowers? Crazy, right? 😀

This website is absolutely incredible, and it is full of interesting, weird facts about so many different things. It shows just how small we truly are despite how self-centered we become as the only known planet of life.

We just get so wrapped up in the little things, like a paper due tomorrow or studying until you can’t properly function anymore. Those things are important, but we forget to think outside of ourselves more often than we’d like to admit.

This incredible Scale of the Universe helps us see outside of ourselves, even for just a little while.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

*photo does not belong to me by any means

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